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I chose to base my graphic novel on the times when I was younger and I used to get the stomach bug a lot. Whenever I would go to the doctor and he would prescribe me antibiotics for it, I knew I was going to be very restricted on what I could eat. I knew that anything with dairy would upset my stomach even more, which meant I would have to miss out on most of the delicious home cooked meals my mother would make for dinner for the next couple of nights. It was hard to keep liquids down and I remember wanting to drink water so badly. I would crave my favorite foods like mac and cheese, pasta with butter, and chocolate milk, more than ever when I was sick. The only things my mom let me eat where white toast with jelly and home made jell-o. These foods were very light on the stomach, but very bland. For some odd reason I always enjoyed them, though, and they were the only somewhat enjoyable part about being sick.

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I shared my graphic novel with my cousin Lauren. My mom and her mom are sisters, and we have grown up in very similar ways due to the fact that our moms are very close. My graphic novel was nostalgic to Lauren because she remembers when she was younger and her mom used to do the same things for her when she got sick. It was always a bummer not being able to eat our favorite foods like yogurt, cookies and milk, and anything with butter while we were sick. Lauren and I agreed the classic white toast with strawberry jelly and whatever flavor jell-o we wanted was always the go to meal when you had the stomach bug. She said she used to get jealous when we would be together and she was sick and couldn’t eat the same meals I was eating as well as everyone else. I could relate to that because there was another time when we were very young and we were both staying at my grandmother’s house when I got sick. I had to stay in bed and Lauren helped to bring me the food our grandmother had made for me. I was craving the fried chicken and mashed potatoes the rest if my family was enjoying downstairs, but I couldn’t have any of it. Although it’s never fun being sick, I have found that I have grown to love even the traditions my family has for a stomach ache. This shows how important and memorable certain foods are, especially at certain times in your life or on certain occasions. Lauren and I both agreed on this.


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