Munchies Clip

I watched the Munchies clip on how to make a vegan burger. I was surprised at how delicious and appetizing Chef Chandra Gilbert made it sound and look. I have never taken an interest in pursuing a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle, but the background provided in this video was very convincing. Everything seemed so healthy, natural and pure. I am someone who loves being adventurous with foods and trying new meals I have never heard of. There were a lot of sauces and toppings Chandra showed that looked absolutely delicious, and she also mentioned that a vegan’s favorite food is sauce. This was interesting to me because I love adding a variety of condiments to my sandwiches, hamburgers, hot dogs, and even my ice cream. It is very true that most of the flavor in most meals comes from a brine, sauce, or topping, which convinced me even more that maybe the vegan lifestyle isn’t as unappetizing as I always thought it to be. Chandra also used an organic what bun from a bakery in LA, which looked delicious. My mom is very into the organic lifestyle so I am used to eating very natural, healthy foods, especially breads, at home. I think the argument this video proposed was very strong. The chef knew a lot of the background of the foods she was using and she seemed to have a strong passion about what she does for a living. She proved that this way of living can be beneficial and healthy through the ways in which she prepared and handled the selected foods.


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