PSA and Reflection

My PSA is advertising Cool Ranch Doritos. My friends Sophie and Matt are on their way to class when Matt gets hungry. He asks Sophie if she has anything to eat and she offers him her cool ranch Doritos, saying they are much better than the original kind and that they’re perfect for a mid day snack. Since this flavor of Doritos has been around for a long time and isn’t new, I decided to make the PSA advertising the “improved” cool ranch Doritos, which enhance the flavor and make them seem even more appealing for people who are on the go a lot. This PSA in particular is meant to simply target young people ad well as parents. The young people are the ones who are going to be craving a small snack during the school day, and the parents are the ones who will most likely be buying the snacks to pack with their children for school. As Sophie says, “it really quenches that empty feeling in your stomach,” and, “they’re so good.” This will encourage people to want to try this flavor in particular, due to the fact that Sophie and Matt portray them to be much better than any other flavor of Doritos. The setting is also very relatable and normal for most people their age, because it is in a school-like environment, during the middle of the day. I had a lot of fun working on this PSA because I got to be creative with it and make it my own. I also enjoyed being able to incorporate my friends into it and letting them have some say in the way it was set up.


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