What I Eat

Since coming to Syracuse, my diet has changed immensely. I am used to eating breakfast at a little local diner, having my mom make me a delicious sandwich or grilled cheese for lunch, and going out to nice restaurants for dinner almost every night. The dining hall food is a little bit different to say the least. In all honesty, I have lived off stir fry for dinner almost every night since I have been here. I love the fresh vegetables and noodles and the dark stir fry sauce. The french fries at Ernie Davis aren’t too bad either. You never really realize how important and life changing food and your regular diet is until you have no choice but to alter it. I didn’t think I would ever miss my mom’s cooking and our family dinner routines as much as I do now. I guess change makes you grateful for all the small things you always just had, without ever even realizing how much they influenced your life and your daily routine. I can’t wait to go home and request some of my favorite meals for my mom to make me and have my parents take me out to some of my favorite restaurants.


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