Recipe as Narrative

Keynote Presentation: recipe as narrative

For my recipe as a narrative project, I chose to focus on my mom’s white chicken chili recipe. I have grown up eating this for dinner every so often, and it has quickly become one of my all time favorite dishes. My presentation was in the form of a powerpoint (aka keynote), where I included a basic recipe I found off the internet that is very similar to the one my mom uses. I also included some mouthwatering pictures of what white chicken chili looks like, and I have to say my mom’s looks almost identical!

In my presentation I wanted to show how not all traditions come from ethnic or cultural backgrounds. Although my family has a plethora of commonly used recipes for Lebanese, Italian, German and Slovakian foods (due to my great-grandparents and my grandparents roots), I thought it would be a bit more interesting to take on this project from a different approach. I like the idea that a recipe my mom found out of the blue that happened to be a hit with everyone in my family is something that I will take upon myself to continue making for years to come. I think it’s cool how traditions have to start somewhere, with someone, and I want to be the one that turns this recipe into a real tradition that gets passed down and loved by many more to come.

While working on this project I also found myself experiencing some nostalgia. Having been at SU for the past six weeks, I’ve really come to miss my mom’s delicious homemade meals everyday, and I started to have flashbacks to when I was younger and at home all the time. It is absolutely crazy how something so small and so simple like food or a meal can make you feel and think differently.

Video tutorial I found on YouTube of how to make white chicken chili:


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