Critical Summary Portfolio

In The Challenge of Going Vegan, an article written by Tara Parker-Pope for The New York Times, Parker-Pope discusses the most common reasons aspiring vegans have trouble carrying out their lifestyle. She does not ever address whether or not she personally practices vegan eating habits, however it is very clear that she knows a lot about what it is like to become vegan (or at least try to). She … Continue reading Critical Summary Portfolio

Munchies Clip

I watched the Munchies clip on how to make a vegan burger. I was surprised at how delicious and appetizing Chef Chandra Gilbert made it sound and look. I have never taken an interest in pursuing a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle, but the background provided in this video was very convincing. Everything seemed so healthy, natural and pure. I am someone who loves being adventurous … Continue reading Munchies Clip

What I Eat

Since coming to Syracuse, my diet has changed immensely. I am used to eating breakfast at a little local diner, having my mom make me a delicious sandwich or grilled cheese for lunch, and going out to nice restaurants for dinner almost every night. The dining hall food is a little bit different to say the least. In all honesty, I have lived off stir … Continue reading What I Eat